Upgrade Tx Commands

Table of Contents

Upgrade Chain

Use this to make an upgrade proposal.

Send an IBC upgrade plan

    hermes tx upgrade-chain [OPTIONS] --reference-chain <REFERENCE_CHAIN_ID> --host-chain <HOST_CHAIN_ID> --host-client <HOST_CLIENT_ID> --amount <AMOUNT> --height-offset <HEIGHT_OFFSET>

        --denom <DENOM>
            Denomination for the deposit (default: 'stake')

    -h, --help
            Print help information

        --new-chain <CHAIN_ID>
            New chain identifier to assign to the upgrading chain (optional)

        --new-unbonding <UNBONDING_PERIOD>
            New unbonding period to assign to the upgrading chain, in seconds (optional)

        --upgrade-name <UPGRADE_NAME>
            A string to name the upgrade proposal plan (default: 'plan')

        --amount <AMOUNT>
            Amount of stake

        --height-offset <HEIGHT_OFFSET>
            Upgrade height offset in number of blocks since current

        --host-chain <HOST_CHAIN_ID>
            Identifier of the host chain

        --host-client <HOST_CLIENT_ID>
            Identifier of the client on the host chain from which the plan is created

        --reference-chain <REFERENCE_CHAIN_ID>
            Identifier of the chain to upgrade


An upgrade proposal is made for ibc-0, for height 300 blocks from the latest height, with 10000000stake deposited. The proposal will include the upgraded client state constructed from the state of 07-tendermint-0 client on ibc-1.

hermes tx upgrade-chain --reference-chain ibc-0 --host-chain ibc-1 --host-client 07-tendermint-0 --amount 10000000 --height-offset 300
Success: transaction::Hash(779713508B6103E37FADE60483BEE964A90BD67E5F20037B2CC4AE0E90B707C3)