Install Gaia

For gm to start the chains, it requires Gaia to be installed.

NOTE: This assumes you have Golang programming language installed on your machine. If not, please ensure you install before proceeding. See more details in the Pre-requisites section.

Follow the instructions below to install Gaia.

Clone Gaia

Clone the repository from GitHub:

git clone ~/go/src/

Build and Install

Run the make command to build and install gaiad

cd ~/go/src/
git checkout v12.0.0
make install

NOTE: Specific to M1 macOS, there could be some warnings after running make install which can be safely ignored as long as gaiad binaries are built in $HOME/go/bin directory.

Add the path export PATH=$HOME/go/bin:$PATH

If the command is successful, you can run the following command to ensure it was properly installed:

gaiad version --log_level error --long | head -n4


name: gaia
server_name: gaiad
version: v12.0.0

Next Steps

Go to the next section to install gm, a tool to easily start IBC-enabled local chains.