1. Rust

The IBC Relayer is developed with the Rust programming language. In order to build and run the relayer you need to install and configure Rust on your machine.

Fresh Rust installation

For instructions on how to install Rust on your machine please follow the official Notes about Rust Installation.

The provided instructions will install all the Rust tool chain including rustc, cargo, and rustup that are required to build the project.

Version requirements

Hermes is developed and tested using the latest stable version of Rust. To check that your tool chain is up-to-date run:

rustc --version

In case you already had installed the Rust tool chain in the past, you can update your installation by running rustup update.

Testing the installation

After you install the Rust tool chain you can execute the following command:

cargo version

This should display the cargo version and confirm the proper installation.

2. Golang

You will also need the Go programming language installed and configured on your machine. This is a requirement for the section Installing Gaia.

To install and configure Golang on your machine please follow the Golang official documentation.

Next Steps

Next, go to the Installation section to learn how to build Hermes.