IBC Packet Forwarding

This section covers IBC packet forwarding introduced in Gaia v6.0.x


Packet forwarding allows a Chain to send a packet to another chain without having a direct channel. This means that if there are three Chains A, B and C, with the following channels:

flowchart LR

Then if the IBC packet forward middleware is active, Chain A can send a packet to Chain C, by setting the receiver of the packet as following:


As specified in the packet-forward-middleware module implementation, packet-forward-middleware.

Important notice

Depending on which major version of Gaia is used, the behaviour of packet forwarding will change.

Gaia v7.0.x

The IBC packet forward middleware is disabled on this version. This will cause the sender to be refunded when trying to transfer tokens using packet forwarding.

Gaia v6.0.x

Since this version uses the packet-forward-middleware v1.0.1 and the atomic forward feature was only introduced in v3, if the destination address is invalid, then the intermediary chain will be refunded instead of the sender.

Gaia v8.0.x

Everything seems to be working as expected in this version.


Here is an example of token transfer from Chain A to Chain C, going through Chain B.