To gain a better understanding of the status and activity of the relayer, Hermes features a built-in telemetry service based on the OpenTelemetry observability framework, whose metrics can be exposed over HTTP for integration with the Prometheus monitoring system.

The official Hermes builds for Linux and macOS come with telemetry support since version v0.4.0. See the installation instructions for how to obtain the latest version of Hermes.


The telemetry service is not active by default, and must be enabled in Hermes' configuration:

enabled = true                                                  # default = false
host    = ''                                           # default value
port    = 3001                                                  # default value
[telemetry.buckets]                                             # default value
latency_submitted = { start = 5000, end = 10000, buckets = 10 } # default value
latency_confirmed = { start = 5000, end = 10000, buckets = 10 } # default value

Please see the relevant section for Configuration for more general details about Hermes configuration options.