Register Payee

Use this command in order to specify the address which will receive the ack_fee and timeout_fee from incentivised packets relayed by the specified chain on the specified channel. By default this is the address of the reverse relayer's wallet.

WARNING: Use this command with caution as some chains do not allow relayer address and payee to be equal. So reverting the payee address to the relayer address might be difficult after using this command.

Register a payee for a channel

    hermes fee register-payee --chain <CHAIN_ID> --channel <CHANNEL_ID> --port <PORT_ID> --payee <PAYEE_ADDRESS>

    -h, --help    Print help information

        --chain <CHAIN_ID>         Identifier of the chain
        --channel <CHANNEL_ID>     Identifier of the channel [aliases: chan]
        --payee <PAYEE_ADDRESS>    Address of the payee
        --port <PORT_ID>           Identifier of the port


Register the address cosmos10h9stc5v6ntgeygf5xf945njqq5h32r53uquvw for the chain ibc-1 on channel channel-0:

hermes fee register-payee --chain ibc-1 --channel channel-0 --port transfer --payee cosmos10h9stc5v6ntgeygf5xf945njqq5h32r53uquvw

SUCCESS Successfully registered payee