Register Counterparty Payee

Use this command in order to specify the address which will receive the recv_fee from incentivised packets relayed by the specified chain on the specified channel.

NOTE: If the Hermes configuration parameter auto_register_counterpary_payee = true is set, make sure to use the hermes fee register-counterparty-payee command after calling hermes start, otherwise auto_register_counterparty_payee will overwrite the address registered using hermes fee register-counterparty-payee.

Register a counterparty payee for a channel

    hermes fee register-counterparty-payee --chain <CHAIN_ID> --channel <CHANNEL_ID> --port <PORT_ID> --counterparty-payee <COUNTERPARTY_PAYEE_ADDRESS>

    -h, --help    Print help information

        --chain <CHAIN_ID>
            Identifier of the chain

        --channel <CHANNEL_ID>
            Identifier of the channel [aliases: chan]

        --counterparty-payee <COUNTERPARTY_PAYEE_ADDRESS>
            Address of the counterparty payee

        --port <PORT_ID>
            Identifier of the port


Register the address cosmos10h9stc5v6ntgeygf5xf945njqq5h32r53uquvw for the chain ibc-1 on channel channel-0:

hermes fee register-counterparty-payee --chain ibc-1 --channel channel-0 --port transfer --counterparty-payee cosmos10h9stc5v6ntgeygf5xf945njqq5h32r53uquvw

SUCCESS Successfully registered counterparty payee