Hermes Guide (v1.0.0)

Hermes is a an open-source Rust implementation of a relayer for the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC).

This guide can help you setup, configure, and operate Hermes to transfer packets between two or more IBC-enabled chains.


What is Hermes

  • Explains what Hermes is about.


  • This section discusses what features to expect from Hermes, as well as a comparison between the Cosmos Go relayer and Hermes.

Getting Started

  • The getting started section can help you setup, configure, and run Hermes.


  • This section provides some tutorials on how to operate and test Hermes.

Commands Reference

  • The commands let you interact with Hermes using its command line interface.


  • This part provides guidelines regarding troubleshooting and general resources for getting help.


  • This section provides some definitions of terms used throughout the guide

Other References and Useful Links:


This project is undergoing heavy development, use at your own risk.