2. Connection Handshake

2.1 conn-init

Initialize a new connection on ibc-0:

hermes conn-init --b-chain ibc-0 --a-chain ibc-1 --b-client 07-tendermint-0 --a-client 07-tendermint-1

Take note of the ID allocated by the chain, e.g. connection-0 on ibc-0 in order to use it in the conn-try command below.

2.2 conn-try

Send a connection try to ibc-1:

hermes tx conn-try --b-chain ibc-1 --a-chain ibc-0 --b-client 07-tendermint-1 --a-client 07-tendermint-0 --a-connection connection-0

Take note of the ID allocated by the chain, e.g. connection-1 on ibc-1. Use in the conn-ack CLI

2.3 conn-ack

Send a connection open acknowledgment to ibc-0:

hermes tx conn-ack --b-chain ibc-0 --a-chain ibc-1 --b-client 07-tendermint-0 --a-client 07-tendermint-1 --b-connection connection-0 --a-connection connection-1

2.4 conn-confirm

Send the open confirmation to ibc-1:

hermes tx conn-confirm --b-chain ibc-1 --a-chain ibc-0 --b-client 07-tendermint-1 --a-client 07-tendermint-0 --b-connection connection-1 --a-connection connection-0

2.5 query connection

To verify that the two ends are in Open state:

hermes query connection end --chain ibc-0 --connection connection-0
hermes query connection end --chain ibc-1 --connection connection-1

Next Steps

In the next section, we'll establish a new channel