This section includes a summary of the supported and planned features. A feature matrix and comparison between the Rust and Go relayer implementations can be found in the Feature Matrix

Cosmos SDK & IBC compatibility: Hermes supports Cosmos SDK chains implementing the IBC protocol v1 protocol specification. Cosmos SDK versions 0.41.3 through 0.45.x are officially supported. IBC-go versions 1.1.* thorough 3.* are officially supported. In case Hermes finds an incompatible SDK or IBC-go version, it will output a log warning upon initialization as part of the start command or upon health-check command.

Supported Features

  • Basic features
    • create and update clients
    • refresh clients to prevent expiration
    • establish connections with new or existing clients
    • establish channels with new or existing connection
    • channel closing handshake
    • relay packets, acknowledgments, timeout and timeout-on-close packets, with zero or non-zero delay.
    • queries for all objects
  • Packet relaying over:
    • multiple paths, for the chains in config.toml
  • Restart support
    • clear packets
    • resume channel handshake if configured to relay all
    • resume connection handshake if configured to relay all
  • Client upgrade
    • upgrading clients after a counterparty chain has performed an upgrade for IBC breaking changes
  • Packet delay:
    • establish path over non-zero delay connection
    • relay all packets with the specified delay
  • Interchain Accounts & Interchain Security
  • Monitor and submit misbehaviour for clients
    • monitor client updates for misbehaviour (fork and BFT time violation)
    • submit misbehaviour evidence to the on-chain IBC client.

    misbehaviour submission to full node not yet supported

  • Individual commands that build and send transactions for:
    • creating and updating IBC Tendermint light clients
    • sending connection open handshake messages
    • sending channel open handshake messages
    • sending channel closing handshake messages
    • initiating a cross chain transfer (mainly for testing)
    • relaying sent packets, acknowledgments and timeouts
    • client upgrade
  • Channel handshake for existing channel that is not in Open state
  • Connection handshake for existing connection that is not in Open state
  • Telemetry support

Upcoming / Unsupported Features

Planned features:

  • Interchain Queries
  • Non-SDK support
  • Relay from all IBC events, including governance upgrade proposal
  • Dynamic & automatic configuration management